Need Someone to Manage & Strategize Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns?

Content Development

Being at the right place – at your customer’s fingertips – is key, but so is delivering the right messaging. I create content and posts that are designed specifically for your target audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Social Media Campaign Setup

I will set up audiences, budgets, demographics, and analytic tools that ensure you’re getting the most out of every social media campaign.

Ad Management

I amplify what’s working and adjust what can be improved through multivariate testing. Using multiple images and ad copy on your ads helps identify the best way to position your social media campaign for the greatest ROI.

Your customers are all over social media – but are your marketing efforts reaching them?

Paid ads such as sponsored Facebook posts or promoted tweets on Twitter are just a couple of ways to boost brand recognition with people who may be unaware of your brand. They may’ve been seeking products or services similar to yours for ages, and would become an instant customer if they just knew about your business.

Social media advertising helps reach those potential customers in a cost-effective, targetable way:

  • Paid advertising is a way to target very specific audiences, allowing you to direct highly-specific messages and content you know they’ll find valuable and provoking. This builds towards audience engagement, reach, and brand recognition, all accumulating to new customers.
  • Unlike other forms of online advertising, paid ads can pinpoint people that are most likely to convert, or purchase your product or service. For example, Facebook advertising services allow you to target particular demographics from age, to gender, location, and even income.
  • Paid social media campaigns are more likely to convert customers as most feature a clickable call-to-action (CTA) button within the ad, encouraging a user to ‘Learn More’, ‘Start a Free Trial’, or ‘Buy Now’. This provides users a next step in a convenient manner that’s so critical to today’s online advertising practices. Studies have shown strong improvement to click-through-rates (CTR, or the likelihood someone clicks your ad) when a CTA is featured.

Chris has been great! He has been managing our Facebook Business account and we've seen an increase in quality leads. He's punctual and always attends to our needs. Thanks Chris!

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