Boost Your WordPress Site Speed Instantly with the Rabbitloader Plugin!

Boost your WordPress site speed instantly with the Rabbitloader Plugin!

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In today’s blog post, we will be discussing the importance of page speed and its impact on Google ranking factors.

I recently came across a website called “” while conducting a search in the Barrie, Ontario area.


Upon analyzing the website’s performance using Google Site Speed Insights, I found that it was extremely slow, it’s performance score is in the red zone.

A screenshot of the Rabbitloader Plugin in action, boosting your WordPress site speed instantly.

Ideally, websites should aim for a performance score of at least 80 and above.

Boost Your WordPress Site Speed

To check your own website’s performance, simply go to Google and search for “Google Site Speed Insights.” This tool will provide you with a detailed analysis of your website’s speed and performance.

In the case of website, we discovered numerous errors when scrolling down on the Google Insights page.

Each error comes with an explanation of how to fix it and improve your website’s performance.

In the past, we used to spend hours trying to enhance our clients’ website performance by experimenting with different plugins.

One plugin we used was called WP Rocket. However, we have now switched to a more efficient plugin called Rabbit Loader, which we highly recommend.

How Good Is The Rabbit Loader plugin?

Rabbit loader is a blue logo with the words rabbit loader.  Boost your WordPress site speed instantly with the Rabbitloader Plugin!

Rabbit Loader, available at, is the best page speed plugin on the market. It allows you to test and improve your website’s performance effortlessly.

To test your website, simply visit the website and enter your URL. Let’s take website as an example. After analyzing it with Rabbit Loader, we found that its performance score increased from 26 to an impressive 98.

This means that if had been using the Rabbit Loader plugin for their website, their website performance would be near perfect!

The best part is that this improvement was achieved without making any modifications or changes to the website itself. In conclusion, page speed plays a crucial role in Google ranking factors. Websites with slow loading times are likely to rank lower in search results.

To ensure your website’s success, it is essential to regularly monitor and optimize its performance. Tools like Google Site Speed Insights and plugins like Rabbit Loader can help you achieve significant improvements without much hassle. So, take the necessary steps to enhance your website’s speed and watch your Google ranking soar!

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