About me

My Story

I first started designing websites back in 2002 when I first learned HTML and CSS. At that time, I only built websites for friends and family. It wasn’t until later on in life that I decided to get back into designing websites but this time professionally.

Passion for design

I absolutely love designing beautiful and well functional websites that make you smile and allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Working with WordPress

Now a days there are tons of website frameworks out there for building websites, but in my opinion, nothing compares to WordPress. WordPress allows for unlimited design possibilities.

How do you work?

My Workflow

What do I use?


I always follow specific steps when I’m working on a design project. The software I use during my design projects can be found below.

Frequently asked questions?


I often get asked the same questions. I’ve put the most common in this section.

Yes! Because I use WordPress, WordPress’s backend is easy to navigate and modify content as you wish.

I will consider any website project, big or small. The price will be determined based on your budget and your needs, design and functionality of your website.

You do! I don’t own any part of the website. Once I complete a website project, I always hand over admin access to the website once the website is completed. At the end of the day, it’s your property.

The length of a website design project all depends of the size of the project. Some smaller website projects can take a week to complete where some larger projects can take upward to 1 month. However, it can take a little bit longer if there are many revision requests. I try to get a very good understanding as to what it is your wants and needs are so revision requests are minimal.

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