Painted To Perfection

The Background Painted To Perfection, a renowned painting service provider based in Collingwood, Ontario, was facing a unique challenge. Despite having a digital presence and ranking on the first page of Google, they were consistently positioned in the lower spectrum – typically around the 8th or 9th spot. This placement limited their visibility and potential […]

Fence Right

The Background Fence Right, a company specializing in fencing solutions, faced a significant challenge in digital visibility. Prior to engaging with Certtech Web Solutions, their online presence was virtually nonexistent. This lack of visibility on Google search results was hindering their ability to attract new customers and expand their market reach. The primary challenge was […]

Fence Right

The Background Dejex reached out to ClickSlice towards the end of 2021 and was after help to increase the volume of organic sales coming through their Ecommerce website. Dejex is a national B2B horticulture supplier that sells a wide range of products ranging from fertilisers to PPE. The Keywords As always, we sit down with […]