Kenneth Morgan Pools & Landscaping

A website design for Kenneth Morgan Pools & Landscaping's swimming pool services.


The client

Kenneth Morgan Pools & Landscaping had long been renowned for their expertise in creating breathtaking poolscapes and landscapes. However, the digital representation of their work didn’t match the splendor of their real-world projects. Their primary concern was that potential clients couldn’t easily find them online, which hindered their growth potential and outreach.

The goal

Our collaboration with Kenneth Morgan Pools & Landscaping, a prominent pool company based in Vaughan, Ontario, was driven by a shared vision: to revolutionize their online presence. Before partnering with us, Kenneth Morgan faced a significant challenge – their exceptional pool and landscaping services were hidden in the digital shadows, making it difficult for potential clients to discover the quality and innovation they offered.

Website Full Preview

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A website design for Kenneth Morgan Pools & Landscaping.


The culmination of our collaborative efforts was the successful launch of Kenneth Morgan Pools & Landscaping’s new website, which far surpassed their expectations in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and impact. With a responsive and visually captivating website, Kenneth Morgan was now able to effectively showcase their exceptional pool and landscaping projects, leaving potential clients in awe of their expertise.

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